Innovating Virtual Currency through Decentralized Banking System

The combination of Technology, Blockchain and Banking – we at EMO Bank pursue the mission of redefining finance for the new economy by building a pioneering technological bridge between the digital and traditional asset worlds.

We at EMO Bank aim to empower individuals through the development and growth of a modern financial system. With the integration to Emocoin, EMO Bank seek to open the world’s economic potential by providing a new blockchain-backed banking system that gives more control to individuals over their finances. It not only makes banking decentralized but also adds security to the finances. The EMO Bank organization supports the professional and business communities around Emocoin and is a vocal partner to enterprises and individuals.

EMO Bank bridge the gap between financer and borrower which both can take advantage of without eliminating borders or intermediaries. With the integration of Emocoin, we enable those individuals and professionals access to reach a new medium of finance. EMO Bank gives the opportunity to access loans, earning money through a staking program, and first of kind, a multi-use crypto debit card system that users can utilize for faster and affordable transactions daily.

Why Decentralised Banking Matter?

The global financial institution is structured, which makes it harder for individuals to look foroptions. EMO Bank is an option to look for: it gives people what they deserve by giving them financial control of their investments. Through our platform, individuals get financial freedom and the opportunity to earn more money through lending and borrowing. We work within the existing financial system to improve banking technology. We partner with customers to streamline their underlying support, not replace it, and we ensure that our solutions are secure and up to the mark.

Opportunity With EMO Decentralised Banking

Now is the time to appreciate customer needs, understand their interests and address them with a ‘SMART’ financial objective. We use the research open to us, utilize the latest technology and combine passion with modification. We employ the latest and updated security measures and protocols to protect data. By bringing the core function of finance on the blockchain, we create a secure ambience for assets to interest. We provide a varied collection of available crypto to be borrowed, which can be used as collateral for a loan. We maintain risk control procedures through various collateral rates in distinct currencies for ease of use and ensure the immediate withdrawal of borrowed crypto irrespective of customer location.