EMO Bank Account

Global Decentralized Banking Solutions

EMO Bank is a one-stop solution for all your banking needs. It is the perfect mixture of blockchain and banking. EMO Bank is a secured, seamless and easy to access platform that aims to create a bridge between traditional banking and digital currency by eliminating borders

EMO Benefits to Individuals

  • No third party risk

  • Transparent, quick and smooth

  • No need for capital reserve

  • Secure deposit management

  • Automatic execution of terms with no mediators

We Aim to Resolve

  • Revolutionary Decentralized Banking System

  • Rewarding User by Giving EMO's for their staked EMO's

  • Loans Accessibility to all without any border limits or intermediaries

  • Providing secure payment and fast access to all users.

Earn money

EMO Staking Programs: A Way to Earn More

Savings are crucial to everyone, and a most individual does this by opening their saving accounts or fixed deposits. However, Staking at EMO Bank is much more than a Traditional Banks Fixed account. It is a program that enables users to freeze their Emocoin’s for a specific period. The process secures the coins and rewards a certain percentage of Emocoin’s to the users according to their staking tenure.

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EMO Lending

Innovative Financial Initiative

Most crypto individuals either forget about their coins or invest them in markets, but there is also a third way. EMO Bank brings an innovative approach by enabling users to utilise their coins through lending. With this option, they lend their money to borrowers without border limits and earn higher returns. Lending at EMO Bank offers a higher return than traditional banks free from any restraints.

Benefits to Borrowers and Lenders 

  • Loan against Crypto
  • Secured by Smart Contract
  • Lawyer Backed
  • Mutual Term
  • Variety of Withdrawal Option
  • Reliable Ecosystem
  • Maximum Potential
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EMO Cards

EMO Debits Cards

Access to multiple crypto on a single debit card, and convenience to buy products and services online or offline.

  • Easy to Use

  • Multiple currency Storage

  • Easy Payment to Online Shopping

  • ATM Withdrawals in Local Money

Earn Money

EMO Bank- Refer and Earn Program

Everyone likes to get rewarded for something they do. EMO Bank does this by offering 500 EMO to new users. Besides this, it also enables old users the opportunity to earn EMO through the EMO referral program. Apart from staking you can help Emo Bank in increasing its community by referring and you earn 24% referral income which is distributed upto 10 Levels.

Who Needs EMO Bank?

  • Individuals and Students who want to invest in new assets that offer trusted setup and provide access to all banking and investment-related strategies
  • SME's and Companies aiming to hold and manage crypto in one place as well as store assets to their needs
  • Projects who aims to secure their funds and save them for particular objectives
  • Unbanked audience who want to secure funds and invest them for future use
  • Entrepreneurs looking to add value to their portfolio and secure their businesses crypto funds

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